Getting to know Brody Barnhill

As a high-end specialist at Harcourts Prime Properties, Brody takes pride in his ability to provide excellent service to his clients and make sure they are completely satisfied from the start to the close of a transaction.

Coming from a family with two Broker parents, Brody learned at a young age what it means to work hard for home buyers and sellers to ensure they are well taken care of in high value transactions. Starting with helping his mom at open houses and his dad processing payments to active participation in UCLA’s Real Estate Investment Group and finally to advising his clients in buying and selling, real estate has always played a central role in his life.

In an industry that is always expanding into new markets, Brody realizes the importance of international connections and networking. Which is why he majored in International Relations and studied Mandarin Chinese at UCLA, so he stays aware of what is happening right here in our San Diego neighborhood as well as on the other side of the world. Upon graduating from UCLA, Brody worked in China to establish a network of Chinese and expatriate connections that provide an added level of service to provide his clients with.

Brody is guided by the cornerstone belief that quality service to his clients is the primary goal of every interaction and transaction. His commitment to service is the driving force that guides his ability to provide quality advice and clarity during the process of making difficult decisions.

With his background in International Relations and desire to provide the highest quality service, Brody helps buyers and sellers from around the world accomplish their goals, no matter the market conditions. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or invest, Brody knows just how to help.

Spoken Languages: English