Getting to know Julie Schlutz.

Born and raised in San Diego, Julie was involved in real estate early in her life as her parents were real estate investors. One of Julie's earliest memories is sitting at the threshold of a bathroom watching the floor get tiled. These early days sparked her interest in both real estate and construction. Over the years she was exposed to more and more real estate deals which led her to study business with a specialty in Real Estate at San Diego State University, graduating with Honors. After graduation and while starting another business, she studied hard and passed the test to become a full Broker at 22 years old.

Since becoming a Broker, Julie delved deep into the real estate field in residential sales, loan creations, and construction projects. Between Orange County and San Diego, Julie has successfully closed several houses while meeting tough demands and managing several tenancies. As her real estate knowledge increased over the years so has her knowledge of all things construction. Recently she has taken up a side passion of woodworking to create custom pieces of furniture and cutting boards. Julie is always ready to get her hands dirty if needed.

Julie joined Harcourts Prime to take her real estate endeavors to the next level. Communication and high standards make her an ideal partner in finding your dream home or selling your home at the best market price. Julie is a REALTOR with Harcourts who boasts itself at being one of the premier luxury home companies in the world. Since starting in 1888, Harcourts has developed a strong reputation and a one-of-a-kind Auction platform that has helped its agents settle over 700 million dollars of sales in one year in just Southern California alone.

Spoken Languages: English

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