Getting to know Justin Pinney.

The task must be made difficult, for only the difficult inspires the noble-hearted.”
- Søren Kierkegaard

Justin grew up in New Jersey leaving high school to attend the University of Vermont, where he would study Sociology, focusing on social psychology. What is the difference it may be asked, sociology is more group patterns or movement within a society while social psychology is the affect of social phenomena upon the individual. He would spent a year abroad at the Universitat Salzburg in Austria, working to polish his German through the more difficult Austrian dialect (mistakenly), but more beautiful country. Soon after he was in New York, the Big Apple, doing some off-Broadway plays working on the stage as a starving artist. He would wind his way across the country to Los Angeles and find a movie industry as an entirely different beast with sharper claws and an enormous jaw. Justin would return to school to study philosophy part time at UCLA before earning a MA at Cal State, Los Angeles writing his thesis on meta-ethics (...feel free to ask). The professorial path yielded to family and he would spend the next decade in product development down in Orange County and end up living in South Orange County with his family entering real estate as a buyer before becoming a realtor. With that move all the disparate parts came together, even German making one appearance (the first since Oktoberfest of 2011!). The German is rusty but the other skills are sharp. Justin pushes for excellence, earns trust and displays diligence.

Spoken Languages: English, Deutsch (German), 中文 (Chinese)