Getting to know Karen Santaniello.

Karen has worked as a Real Estate professional for over half her life; she was first licensed in 1977. From then until now real estate has been her passion and profession. Acquiring her first property at a young age inspired her to make a life long career in an industry that has proven to be ever changing and exciting. For over forty plus years, she has represented a myriad of clients in the purchase and sale of luxury homes, investment properties and commercial real estate. In this competitive marketplace it is her upmost concern to act with due diligence and discretion while providing excellent service to her varied clientele. Understanding that relationships are key in this profession as is market knowledge and experience her focus and goal is to always provide excellent results while making the process as effortless and as enjoyable as possible.

She and her husband James have collaborated for many years in their respective careers, James is a seasoned and successful General Contractor in Southern California specializing in high end residential, commercial, new construction and extensive renovations. Together they have purchased, renovated and sold a large number of properties in Orange County prior to the term
"Home Flips" became fashionable.

Spoken Languages: English, español (Spanish)

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