Getting to know Rande Mead.

Born in Torrance Beach, raised in Rancho Palos Verdes, I am a true Southern Californian. I grew up surfing most all of the beaches from LA. to Baja, Mexico. I have a great understanding of the different beach city vibes, and know how to read people and help them find the perfect community for their family needs, or find the right buyers for their loved home.

Excellence, grit, and determination! Once I have set my mind to achieving something there is little that can stop me. Friends and family say that when I mention that I'm going to do something it's just a matter of time before it happens, no matter how difficult. Coupled with my entrepreneurial skills Since 1993 I have built several successful businesses across many fields of interest. Most recently I have spent the last 16 years building a duel-state commercial property maintenance company specializing in parking lot sweeper truck services. In our portfolio of clients we have built relationships with IRVINE COMPANY, SIMON PROPERTIES, WESTFIELD PROPERTIES, and a variety of other clients. I worked hard through some of the toughest economic times to build this business from the ground up, and always put this effort into everything I attempt.

I have also been in a supportive roll to my wife Angela Mead / REALTOR. For the past 3 years I have honed my skills and knowledge as an assistant to her real estate career, as a market researcher, transaction coordinator, and scheduler. Now we work as a powerhouse team and are driven with servants hearts to help people navigate the difficult and often times stressful process of buying and selling homes.

On a personal note, we have also partnered together to serve many under privileged children with special needs. for 12 years we fostered 35+ children giving a safe and loving environment. In this endeavor we added 4 of these children to our family through the process of adoption.

As you can see hard work and service are a way of life for my wife and I, and we are excited about the opportunity to serve however we can. Team Mead, lets get it done!

Spoken Languages: English