Getting to know Tim Kenner.

Born in Redondo Beach and raised in the China Lake are of the High Desert I moved to Huntington Beach in 2012 and it was love at first sight. I have been in sales for my entire life and discovered my calling as a pastor in 2012. I am an associate pastor of a church in Tustin. I have a mission to big for a pastor Salary so my passion of helping people and being in real estate coaching with the two largest real estate coaches led me to this calling to the real estate profession. I am on a mission to end opiate addiction and drug and alcohol addiction in the community and provide resources for those struggling with addiction and suicidal ideations. A sizeable portion of all commissions go to the advancement of that community based initiative to change lives and bring transformation to those in need locally. I am married to my beautiful wife an ICU nurse at West Anaheim Medical Center. I also am a proud father of two amazing boys, Grady 24 a successful realtor in Virginia Beach, VA and my newborn son Caleb here in Surf City. I love to play golf, tennis and surf as well and teach and hold prayer meetings and bible studies.

Spoken Languages: English