Getting to know Barbara Kalergis

After many years on the investment side of Real Estate, Barbara decided that she would like to help others with Real Estate.
“I loved looking at homes and properties and imagining how I could create something better with each home.
Part of the excitement was finding them, but better yet was purchasing them and fixing them up.”
Once I decided to become an agent, those creative juices were used in helping others achieve their dreams of selling or purchasing a home.”
The process of selling or buying a home can be the biggest adventure in the lives of most people.
Guiding them through that process with education, understanding, reality and hope is one of the things Barbara does best.
90% of consumers worldwide said they are most likely to trust the reccommendations of people they know, and Barbara comes highly reccommended.
Most all of Barbara’s contacts and transactions are from reccommendations.
Relationships are more important than transactions to Barbara. She is trustworthy, ethical and a professional in her dealings with her clients.
Barbara is an avid volunteer and contributes time and resources to local causes, her church, and her non-profit.

Spoken Languages: English

What Barbara Kalergis’s Clients are Saying.