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From Door to Door Sales to Leading Real Estate Entrepreneur: Vikram Deol's Inspiring Journey

Harcourts North America
October 04, 2023

Join host Ben Brady on the latest episode of Rethink Real Estate Podcast, as he sits down with Real Estate Entrepreneur, Vikram Deol. Vikram's incredible journey from selling door to door to leading one of the top real estate teams in the country will leave you inspired. After realizing that the commission rollercoaster wasn't fulfilling him, Vikram retired from real estate sales and now focuses on helping agents generate consistent business without chasing leads.

In this captivating episode, Ben and Vikram discuss the principles that hold back agents in their day-to-day business, shedding light on the key strategies to achieve success in the real estate industry.

Key Topics:
• Vikram's Journey: From selling door to door to leading a top real estate team.
• Breaking Free from the Commission Rollercoaster: How Vikram retired from real estate sales and found fulfillment.
• Generating Consistent Business: Vikram's expert advice for real estate agents on building a sustainable business without chasing leads.

If you're a real estate professional looking to break free from the traditional sales cycle and take your business to new heights, this episode is a must-watch! Don't forget to like, subscribe, and share your thoughts in the comments below.

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