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Harcourts North America
April 13, 2023

Lincoln City, Oregon - Harcourts North America is pleased to announce its brand new office in Lincoln City, Oregon – Harcourts Home Oregon Coast. This office has Business Owner, Taj Richardson leading the way, a seasoned entrepreneur in the real estate industry. As a leading international real estate franchise, Harcourts brings its innovative and transparent approach to the Oregon Coast market through this partnership, which Richardson believes will modernize and revolutionize the real estate industry on the coast.


Richardson chose Harcourts as his franchise of choice due to its unique approach to real estate with their non distressed auction platform, which he believes will benefit his clients greatly. "Harcourts Auction's open bid process is a game-changer for the real estate industry, and I'm thrilled to bring this innovative approach to our clients and community on the Oregon Coast," said Richardson. "I believe that what we're doing at Harcourts will truly make a difference in the real estate experience for our clients, as well as our brokers."


The partnership with Harcourts aligns with Richardson's vision of creating a modern and client-focused real estate brokerage on the Oregon Coast. "Our mission at Harcourts Home Oregon Coast is to leverage technology to create a better real estate experience for our clients and agents," said Richardson. "We want to build genuine relationships with our clients, understand their needs, and guide them through the real estate process with honesty and transparency."


Harcourts Home Oregon Coast's core philosophy is centered around helping people achieve their real estate goals. "We're not just in the business of selling houses; we're here to make a difference in people's lives," said Richardson. "We believe in having open and honest conversations with our clients, providing them with the information they need to make informed decisions about all of their real estate needs."


“We’ve been looking forward to opening our first office on the Oregon Coast. Taj’s flagship office will be the first of many up and down the coastline, and we’re excited to watch Taj and his team lead the way.” said Harcourts North America Chief Operations Officer, Josh Procopis.


Richardson brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to Harcourts Home Oregon Coast. As a successful entrepreneur in the real estate industry, he understands the challenges that clients face during the real estate process and is committed to providing them with exceptional service. "I'm excited to bring my expertise to Harcourts Home Oregon Coast and work with our team to build a brokerage that is truly client-focused," said Richardson. "I believe that together, we can make a real difference in the Oregon Coast real estate market."


The partnership with Harcourts will bring a new kind of brokerage to the Oregon Coast, one that is modern, transparent, and client-focused. "We're thrilled to be part of the Harcourts community and to offer our clients a new level of service and transparency," said Richardson. "Our goal is to help our clients achieve their real estate goals and build lasting relationships with them along the way."


For more information about Harcourts Home Oregon Coast and its partnership with Harcourts, please visit