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Harcourts North America
June 16, 2022

MONARCH BEACH, CA (June 16th, 2022) -- Harcourts North America continues its ongoing dominance with a strong showing at this year's International Awards Ceremony by having multiple agents and offices take home awards and one agent taking home the most prized possession, #1 agent for Harcourts Internationally.


"To have three offices featured in the top 20 for Harcourts internationally was a great achievement, and all of the company should be really proud," said Ben Brady, CEO of Harcourts North America. The event was held virtually from Australia this year, where Harcourts Prime Properties from Monarch Beach finished in 6th place, Bend, Oregon's The Garner Group placed 8th, and Harcourts Real Estate Network Group from Clackamas, Oregon, placed 17th. Brady continued his admiration for his fellow agencies, "Real Estate Network Group at 17th with less than 30 agents in the office. Then you've also got The Garner Group which is at 8th with less than 40 agents, and Monarch Beach at 6th with less than 40 agents is just an incredible achievement from a production per agent capacity."


The big winner for the night was one of the hardest working men in the business and "Super-Agent," Bob Wolff from Harcourts Prime Properties Monarch Beach. After placing second last year, Bob's determination to come out on top this time came to fruition, and he was named the #1 Agent for Harcourts Internationally! "He's one of the most consistent and tenacious people I've ever met. It's incredible to be in business with him and have him as one of the clear leaders in not only real estate for Harcourts but real estate in the world," stated Brady when asked about Bob's accomplishments, "To see him at the very top is incredibly well deserved."


Harcourts North America is an international real estate franchise group from New Zealand with over 130 years of experience. Our Non-Distressed Auction platform has seen tremendous success in the North American market, and we pride ourselves on being a people-first organization. Our clients deserve consultants with knowledge, expertise, honesty, and integrity, and we are committed to achieving the best possible result for them, which is what we provide. We focus on creating a relationship of trust and respect with all our clients. We've found that this philosophy is great for achieving personal satisfaction, high morale, and continued success.