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Harcourts North America
June 09, 2023

Los Angeles, California - Harcourts North America is proud to announce that its esteemed Chief Operating Officer, Josh Procopis, has been named in the prestigious 2023 Top 100 COO Award Winners list by OnCon Icon Awards. This remarkable recognition underscores Josh's outstanding contributions to the company and his exceptional leadership in the real estate industry.


OnCon Icon Awards is widely recognized as a premier global event that celebrates top executives across various industries. The Top 100 COO Award Winners list acknowledges individuals who have demonstrated exemplary performance, innovation, and influential leadership in their roles as Chief Operating Officers. The selection process involves a comprehensive evaluation by industry experts, executives, and peers who assess the nominees based on their accomplishments and impact within their organizations.


Josh Procopis' inclusion in the Top 100 COO Award Winners list is a testament to his unwavering commitment to driving excellence and transformative growth within Harcourts North America. As the Chief Operating Officer, Josh has played a pivotal role in shaping the organization's strategic direction and implementing initiatives that have elevated the company's performance and success.


Under Josh's leadership, Harcourts North America has achieved remarkable milestones and has consistently pushed boundaries within the real estate industry. His innovative vision and dynamic approach have been instrumental in fostering a culture of collaboration, empowering the talented team of professionals, and enhancing the overall client experience.


Commenting on this esteemed recognition, Josh Procopis expressed his gratitude and shared, "It is truly an honor to be recognized among the Top 100 COO Award Winners by OnCon Icon Awards. This acknowledgment reflects the collective efforts of the entire Harcourts North America team and the unwavering support of our incredible network. I am proud to work alongside such talented individuals and remain committed to driving our organization's success and pushing the boundaries of innovation in the real estate industry."


Harcourts North America, a leading real estate franchise known for its client-centric approach and commitment to excellence, takes immense pride in Josh Procopis' well-deserved achievement. The company continues to thrive under his guidance and looks forward to further accomplishments under his strategic leadership.


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About Harcourts North America:

Harcourts North America is a renowned real estate franchise that embraces innovative approaches, client-centricity, and a commitment to excellence. With a global presence and a network of highly skilled professionals, Harcourts consistently delivers exceptional results and transforms the real estate experience. Josh Procopis, as the Chief Operating Officer, has been instrumental in driving the success and growth of Harcourts North America.