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The Somma Estate: An Emblem of Ultra-Luxury Living Goes to Auction in Bel-Air

Harcourts North America
February 13, 2024

Bel Air, CA — Harcourts Westside, under the visionary leadership of Ty Cueva, announces the auction of the unparalleled Somma Estate at 10697 Somma Way.


In an unprecedented move in the luxury real estate market, Ty Cueva, CEO of Westside Property Group and the driving force behind Harcourts Westside, has listed The Somma Estate for auction. This modern Spanish revival gem, nestled in the world's most prestigious enclave above the Hotel Bel-Air, is more than just a residence—it’s a statement of grandeur and innovation in property development and sale.


The Somma Estate stands apart in its fusion of opulent amenities and homely elegance. Spanning over 40,000 square feet on parklike grounds of 70,000 square feet, this lavish property boasts eight sumptuous bedrooms and an extraordinary 21 bathrooms. It’s a self-contained utopia offering a 25-meter indoor pool, steam room, sauna, fitness studio, and even a full-size indoor basketball court, all enveloped in the warmth of a family home.


"The Somma Estate is not just a testament to luxury living; it's the redefinition of it," states Ty Cueva, who is also a partner in the property's development. "We're bringing a groundbreaking approach to its sale, reflecting the uniqueness of the estate itself."


The estate's architecture is a modern take on Spanish revival, creating a masterful work of art that promises to fulfill every desire for luxury with its endless array of amenities. The property integrates advanced features such as Circadian rhythm lighting and multiple Samsung walls within its smart home system, setting a new standard for luxury and technological integration.


The grandeur of The Somma Estate, while immediately evident in its scale and the breadth of its amenities, truly comes to life when experienced firsthand. Beyond its impressive dimensions lies a warm, inviting atmosphere that belies its size. Each meticulously designed space offers a welcoming embrace, ensuring that the estate, for all its luxury and opulence, maintains the essence of a home. This isn't an impersonal showcase; it's a sanctuary that combines the best of both worlds—the expanse of a compound with the intimate comfort of a family residence. Prospective buyers will discover that The Somma Estate is a place where lavishness and warmth converge, creating not just a living space, but a home that awaits the creation of life's best memories.


In a strategic move that aligns with the current market dynamics, The Somma Estate is introduced to auction with a starting bid of $30,000,000, a pivot from its previously higher price points. This decision underscores Harcourts Auctions' commitment to fostering competitive bidding while making the property accessible to a broader range of affluent buyers.


The auction format has been chosen for its ability to draw attention and create a sense of urgency among potential buyers, while also highlighting the estate's unmatched value. It's a forward-thinking move that underscores confidence in the property's allure and is aimed at securing a sale that is as extraordinary as the estate itself. This proactive method is about crafting an event that befits the stature of The Somma Estate.


The starting bid price is designed to incite immediate interest and drive active participation in the auction, reflecting a deep understanding of the marketplace and the unique value of The Somma Estate. It's an invitation to discerning buyers to recognize the unparalleled opportunity before them and to engage in what is expected to be a spirited bidding process that truly reflects the estate's intrinsic value.


The Somma Estate is positioned to attract discerning buyers worldwide. If not sold prior to auction, interested parties can anticipate the live auction to take place on March 21, 2024 at, with opportunities to experience the property during scheduled open houses or private viewings by appointment. All relevant disclosures and reports will be available on the Harcourts Auctions website, ensuring transparency and confidence in the auction process.


With every meticulously crafted detail, The Somma Estate stands as a monument to power, prominence, and perfection. As the property prepares to change hands through Harcourts Auctions' esteemed platform, it heralds a new era for luxury real estate transactions.









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