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Westside Property Group Merges with International Franchise, Harcourts Real Estate to Harness the Innovative Harcourts Auctions Platform

Harcourts North America
February 12, 2024

Santa Monica, CA — February 12, 2024

In a significant move within the luxury real estate sector, Harcourts Westside emerges as the latest member of the prestigious Harcourts North America network.


Esteemed industry innovator Ty Cueva, who helms Westside Property Group, has now expanded his leadership role to include Harcourts Westside. Known for his exemplary achievements in acquisition, finance, and property management, Mr. Cueva has consistently pushed the boundaries of industry excellence.


In his quest to offer unparalleled luxury real estate services across North America, Mr. Cueva conducted an exhaustive evaluation of the market. His journey encompassed a spectrum of business models, from flat fee brokerages and capped structures to virtual offices. However, his exploration into the domain of luxury property auctions marked a turning point. It was during this phase that Mr. Cueva developed a deep appreciation for the auction process, particularly for its unadulterated form as executed by Harcourts Auctions.


“We chatted with a number of big names in the auction game, but something was always off. When I sat down with the team at Harcourts Auctions, it just felt right. They're doing things differently, and it's refreshingly open and straightforward—like they've found the secret sauce of real estate auctions.”


Harcourts Auctions boasts a formidable global presence as one of the top non-distressed auction firms. Since its inception in 1888 in Australasia, Harcourts has been pioneering seller-owned property auctions, upholding a tradition of transparency and flexibility that continues to revolutionize the industry.


Their platform empowers sellers to lead their sales process without price constraints, offering a comprehensive understanding of the dynamic market landscape.


Ben Brady, CEO of Harcourts and founder of Harcourts Auctions, states, "Witnessing active buyers ready to purchase instills confidence in other prospects. Our method allows buyers to see what others are offering, introducing a level of openness previously unseen in this sector."

Ty Cueva resonates particularly with the absence of a buyer-side premium, a common feature in North American auctions that can skew the true value of a property. "Maximizing returns for our clients is paramount," Mr. Cueva asserts. "The introduction of a buyer premium could potentially dilute the outcome from various perspectives."


The three-phase Harcourts Auctions process—enabling sale pre-auction, during a live event, or post-auction without any detriment—perfectly aligns with Mr. Cueva's forward-thinking business ethos. "This is not just a tool for the present—it's an investment in the future of our enterprise and for our agents. Harcourts Auctions presents an unparalleled method for conducting real estate transactions, and I am thrilled to bring these opportunities to our clients with Harcourts Westside."


The convergence of Westside Property Group with Harcourts North America is poised to inject a new vigor and profound expertise into the dynamic real estate scene of the Santa Monica Bay area. The integration of the Harcourts Auctions methodology is set to introduce a revolutionary level of innovation and efficiency into the local market. Both buyers and sellers in the region will now have options in the traditional property transaction landscape.


In aligning with Harcourts North America, formerly Westside Property Group, is inspired by the storied legacy and forward-looking philosophy of Harcourts Auctions. This partnership is founded on a mutual dedication to redefining the real estate journey. The newly established Santa Monica office is a testament to their commitment to the discerning Westside real estate market.








About Harcourts North America:

Harcourts North America is part of the global Harcourts brand, known for its commitment to redefining the real estate experience. With a client-centric approach and a focus on innovation, Harcourts North America continues to shape the industry by delivering unparalleled service and cutting-edge solutions.


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About Harcourts Auctions:

Harcourts Auctions is not getting rid of traditional real estate, rather they are providing a new innovative personalized solution. The auction platform steers away from distressed homes and works with your everyday home up to ultra-luxury houses. Built on transparency, trust, and a continuous drive for success, Harcourts Auctions revolutionizes traditional real estate transactions, empowering clients with a unique avenue that ensures optimal results and a seamless experience in the ever-evolving property market.


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About Harcourts Westside

Harcourts Westside, under the leadership of Ty Cueva, is at the forefront of luxury real estate development and sales. Their partnership with Harcourts Auctions signifies a leap forward in the sale of high-end properties, offering an innovative auction approach that aligns with the company's ethos of excellence.


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