Getting to know Sammy Shannon

I was born and raised in Ireland where the family home is the center of all things. Every family gathering was filled with cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles. That sense of family and the importance of your gathering place has always resonated with me. I moved to America in middle school straight to Houston, Texas! Where I thought I could ride my horse to school and people would burst into song at any moment, evidence of the shows I watched about America (Dallas & Grease). We moved into great neighborhood with tons of kids and had the best childhood and high school experience. The luck we had of finding a great neighborhood and a great street was a blessing we never realized until later. As I grew up and navigated through college and sports I had the opportunity to visit many places in this beautiful country. I met my husband Mike when he was starting to apply to dental school in Houston. He grew up in Orange County and school had luckily brought him to Houston. I loved Houston, the food, the energy, my family, everybody was surrounding us. Again a house made a huge difference in our lives. We lived in the center of all, work, nightlife, friends and fun. Because life is never predictable we decided to move after dental school. Mike asked me if I would ever move to California? We had been out to visit his parents so many times and I fell in love with San Clemente. So of course I said if we can live in San Clemente I'll move to California...the rest is history.
We have been here now for almost 20 years I've grown to love so many parts of Orange County. I have gotten to explore many areas that my kids have attended schools in and so many beautiful spots that my friends own amazing homes in. Each time and place I have ever lived I found that the home is always where the center of life, joy, family and adventures begin. Whether it be a townhome like our first house together in Houston or a four bedroom house with a yard surrounded by great friends and neighbors, your home is your biggest and best investment in life. It is one of the only investments we have made time and time again that has kept its value. The privilege of helping someone find that home that becomes the center of everything is such a huge honor. I look forward to being a partner that can deliver unrivaled service in every price range and find the perfect spot you can call home.

Spoken Languages: English