Getting to know Kathy Clark & Brenna Van Hoogenstyn

Kathy and Brenna are a mother/daughter team. Kathy is a long-time Orange County resident with a passion, and career that has been centered on the Southern California Real Estate Industry. First as a homeowner, then investor, both experiences lead her to explore the home lending opportunities. With over 13 years in the mortgage industry Kathy understands the real estate cycles and has adapted to the changing real estate and lending environments. This wisdom allows Kathy to strategize and structure a transaction in a way that allows her clients to meet their real estate needs and portfolio requirements. Brenna partnered with Kathy after coming back from college and realizing that all those years of the two of them driving around and selecting their favorite homes and neighborhoods could be brought to great use.

Kathy’s experience in the mortgage industry sets her apart with a deep understanding of all facets of the real estate market. As a seasoned broker who has helped clients with numerous “out-of-the-box” purchase transactions, Kathy is committed to presenting the best options to her clients. This pair always have the pulse of the area and industry.

When Kathy was introduced to Harcourts, she quickly recognized the opportunity and strength of the Harcourts brand. Kathy’s knowledge of marketing is what piqued her interest in this creative, leading edge, approach to selling a home.

Always appreciating that families are weighing their options with regard to listing their homes or purchasing a new property, Kathy helps her clients gain clarity on the benefit of leveraging their assets by digging deeper to identify their goals and objectives.

You want to sell your home quickly - and get top dollar for it. They understand you have worked hard to build equity and can show you how to maximize your sales price and shorten your listing cycle.

As the real estate market is continuously evolving and, whether you are looking to sell your home or purchase a new home, it is imperative you have a broker on your team who is knowledgeable and can optimally guide you through your real estate transaction.

Spoken Languages: English

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